Sunday, April 01, 2007
  Momentous Decision
After several weeks of reading comments on my articles over at OnFaith, and a great deal of soul searching, I've come to the realization that the past twenty years of my life have been nothing but a delusion. Prophet Muhammad really was a violent, misogynist, pedophiliac, dishonest nut with visions of grandeur. He really did teach that Muslims are supposed to slay every non-Muslim where ever they find them, that women are second class and gays should be slaughtered, that Islam should be spread by any means necessary, at the point of the sword if that's what it takes, and that the growth of Islam both in the past and the present really has more to do with fear and birth rates than anything else.

And so I have decided to resign my positions in the various Muslim organizations I work with/for, and to renounce Islam.

In retrospect, I have to say it is not suprising that I was taken in by the romantic potrayals of the Prophet you find in the classical biographies. After all, what did I know of Islam? By my own admission... nothing! I was young, impressionable, and naive. So too their claims that Islam is a religion of peace, of justice, and charity.

Thankfully, those diligent On Faith commentators have opened my eyes. With any luck, given the longevity of my family, I still have at least half of my life to make up for wasted time. Tomorrow morning, I plan to have at least half a pound of bacon for breakfast, washed down with a large glass of orange mimosa.
April Fool's!

Did I get ya?
Mmmmmmm, bacon!!!

Yeah, bacon's about the only pork product I truly miss. Given its affect on human arteries, it's probably just as well I've given it up.
LOL, outstanding post, Pamela!

Missed you at the Flying Pig!

Hey Eric!

Yeah, this stupid ankle of mine is still very weak from the major sprain I had last AUGUST. I've started walking on uneven ground, but every time I slip a bit, a twinge goes right through it. grrr.
haha, the bacon and alcohol would kill you a lot faster, no matter how long lived your genetics.

A good one though :)

Ya Haqq!
Sorry to hear that the ankle is still an issue. I had a mild sprain on the Friday course that impacted the rest of my weekend, unfortunately (looking into different shoes now).

Team trials in Michigan in early May!
You convinced me!! I was actually kind of excited that you would join me in my disgust of all religions... but only momentarily....

I held my breath to see what was really happening... not such a nice trick. Trying to give me a heart attack. Mom
A wise saying reads:

"Watch your thoughts,
they become words.

Watch your words,
they become actions.

Watch your actions,
they become habits.

Watch your habits,
they become your character.

Watch your character,
it becomes your destiny."

My dear sis, it isn't the best idea to state you wish to renounce Islam, even as a joke..

It's like a person saying "I'm going to kill, slaughter and rape my children." What a horrible thing to say!! Even if it is just an April Fool's Joke !!! :(
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