Monday, January 14, 2008
  Barak or Hillary or Edwards?
There are times when you have an embarrassment of riches. And this year I'd say the Democrats are suffering from just that. I could vote for any of these three (or for my old favorite Denis Kucinich).

I am agonizing over this year's vote not because I don't like any of the candidates, but because I like things about each of them, but each has a caveat.

I want to vote for Edward because of his dedication to the working class and his analysis of the pernicious effect corporate America has had on politics and the quality of life of your average worker. He is right on in this issue which for me is a biggie. For that reason I really lean towards him. But... he represents the status quo in terms of being yet another while male.

I want to vote for Hilary. It is way past time since we had a female president. I am impressed with her dignity under fire, and I believe in the sincerity of her commitment to important progressive issues like women's rights, and universal healthcare. But... she seem too calculating, to willing to say or do what is politically expedient. I worry that under her leadership ideals would take a back seat to deal brokering.

I also want to vote for Barak. It is way past time we had a black president. He is eloquent, and I believe he is solidly for progressive values. But... I worry that he is inexperienced and will find it difficult to work with world leaders or even congressmen and women who perceive him as naive and overly idealistic, and thus not a real force to be contended with.

And voting for Barak means not voting for Hillary. Voting for Edwards means not voting for Barak.

I can only hope that if Barak wins the primaries Hillary is his choice for VP, and Edwards gets appointed as Secretary of the Treasury or some other high lvl cabinet position. And similarly, if Hillary wins, that she take on Barak as her VP. Then at least we'd get two out of three, with influence from the third.
The last time we had an inexperience idealist run for President, they said he couldn't win. No Catholic can ever be elected President. JFK proved them wrong. So will Barak Obama, God willing :)

Ya Haqq!
I have always found it interesting that after the primaries, the selected candidate NEVER picks one of his fellow candidates in the primaries. I would love to see Hilary and Obama on a ticket in that order, but so often the VP does not really get to do much. I doubt that Edwards would take a VP position again.

I think Hilary may not be electable. A lot of women out here cannot stand her. And as much as I admit it, most women did not and do not admire her for NOT kicking Bill out. Her demeanor is not warm and fuzzy -- she comes across as so cold and calculating. Let's face it there is still some prejudice against intelligent achieving women, even in our culture. Are we still male dominated??? How long must the world suffer under these handicaps? Guess until we figure out a way for me to concieve and carry a baby to term. Oh, well...
OOPS! As a former English teacher, I should know that it is always important to proof read. I meant MEN not ME in the last sentence, of course.
It's interesting... would we critique a male candidate for "not being warm and fuzzy?" And if she were warm and fuzzy in her demeanor would she then be criticized for not being strong enough, or not intellectual enough or whatever? It seems like sometimes a woman is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't.

I agree that Hilary seems too calculating -- she is clearly a politician who plays the partisan politics, influence peddling, tit-for-tat game and plays it well. Indeed for me that is the most serious of her drawbacks -- that she seems far too comfortable with politics as is.

As for dumping Bill...well, it's her personal life. Open marriage isn't a popular concept in the US, but she seems to have accepted that he is a filanderer and keeps him as he is. I think there is a strength in that, too. It's really about what you want out of your marriage and not everyone is looking for the sort of exclusivity that has become the norm. At least that is the way I saw her choice. His sexual escapades were brought out around the Monica Lewinsky scandal, but she had to have known far earlier that he had a roving eye, and decided that that was ok.
Edwards would have maximum effect in an Obama or Clinton presidency as Attorney General. I wanted to be Sec. of Treas'y when I declared a business major my first year at my second college. Huge mistake in six different ways which I rectified in the first month. Treasury is concerned with budgets and monetary policy. Bobby Kennedy was A.G. from which seat he influenced everything from civil rights to foreign policy.

By the way, Mom, Sen. Kerry picked his opponent, Sen. Edwards as running mate.
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