Monday, February 19, 2007
  Thick skin
Yes, you have to learn to grow one if you are going to post in very public forums.

I've often wondered how people like Hilary Clinton or George Bush deal with the absolutely rabid attacks against them. I suppose at some point you start ignoring your detratctors. Which, if you think about it, isn't very healthy for the American political system. Maybe it's time we start offerring debate in our high schools again, or at least start teaching basic principles like attack the ideas, not the individual.

The other thing that amazes me is that people seem to believe that others are going to be swayed by the vitriol and hatred they spew. My mom used to say, "you catch more bees with honey than vinegar." (Obviously this makes more sense to a farmer who needs bees to pollinate his/her fields, than to a city dweller who's disinclined to be stung.) I think that motto ought to be posted on all online discussion forums!
I thought of just that problem yesterday when I read your Washington Post "post." Some people clearly wanted to paint your comments as ludicrously simple-minded -- not in keeping perhaps with the high tone seriousness that they wanted!! I found myself having a hard time reading it as certain words made it clear that one reader considered your posting as "fluff!" I did defend you, as you probably noticed, but will try not to do it again or will keep it very general as I did yesterday, not defending you, but defending a position that reflects my attitudes. Once a parent....
congrats on the new column at newsweek. that's a big deal!

as for vitriol in comments, it's one of the things that fascinates me about the web, and about people in general: it appears that contempt is one of our species' favorite emotions, and that expressing it is endlessly satisfying to some people. recognized for what it is--in my opinion it's an expression of fear--contempt can be dismissed or ignored, unless there's reason to think that violence will follow it. i think that's how politicians and others on the world stage deal with it.

such comments can be very difficult to read, and those who write them are frequently impossible to engage with. i say don't bother.

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