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  The Netherlands, Feminism, and the Burqa
Let me preface this discussion by saying I have no sympathy for the burqa. I believe it is not only not required in Islam, but that Islam actively discourages it. I believe it is harmful to women -- in terms of their ability to function on a day to day basis, and in terms of the social expectations it engenders and reflects, and in terms of the effects of those social expectations on women's self-esteem, quality of life, educational and vocational opportunities, etc, etc, etc. To me, burqas are the flipside of Playboy -- in both cases women are completely sexualized -- one with the intent to exploit that sexuality and the other with the intent of supressing it. Neither one is a healthy position. We need to develop a middle ground, a moderate way, that allows women to enjoy their sexuality while sparing them from being essentialized as merely bodies either for men's enjoyment or for procreation.

Having said that... as I've said before on this blog, I believe that every woman should be able to choose to wear what she wants to wear (whether it be bikini or burqa), especially if she believes it is a religious requirement. Self-determination is such a central platform of feminism, I don't see how a feminist can say, you should be in control of your own life, unless, of course, you want to make certain choices, in which case the government has the right to tell you what you can and cannot wear. Just as I oppose governments telling women what they must wear, so to, I don't think the government has any place telling women what they cannot wear.

This came to the fore recently because there's been a proposal in The Netherlands that would allow Amsterdam to deny welfare payments to women who wear a burqa, or niqab (variations on the face veil), especially if wearing it prevents them from getting a job. (see report below). This follows in the footsteps of Utrecht, who voted last year to reduce the benefits by 10% for unemployed women if they refused to stop wearing a face veil and if that prevented them from finding a job. (see second report below!)

This proposal created a huge and volitale discussion on one of my progressive Muslim groups. Some were very happy to support not only this legislation, but a complete ban on the burqa and face veiling. Anything to eradicate a hated practice, they said.

I couldn't agree with this at all. Yes, I'd love to see burqas disappear (and with them all the prejudicial attitudes and treatment of women that comes along with burqas). But, if we believe freedom of religion is a universal human right, then we have to extend that to all people, even if they make some choices we don't like. Some Muslim women sincerely believe the burqa to be mandated by Islam; their choice should be protected by law. We can't simply grant freedom of religion to those we agree with. That's not freedom at all.

How we combat something matters. Not every solution to every problem is a good solution. Do we in the name of liberation trample on freedom of religion? I think that is self-contradictory -- if a woman isn't free to pratice her religion as she sees fit, then how free is she really?

But, then again, does championing freedom of religion mean that we are enabling the oppression of women, for certainly many religions are oppressive of women. What of polygamy? FGM? Slavery, which so many religions allow. What if their religious beliefs are, like the Southern Baptists, that the wife should be submissive to the will of the husband? Is education enough? That is my usual answer -- win their minds, their hearts and their souls with persuassive writing, with passionate arguments.

But somtimes, it sure doesn't feel like enough! I try to draw a line at any action, religiously mandated or not, which would result in an individual harming another individual -- like FGM --or which negates the basic human rights or other individuals -- like slavery. But what of emotional harm? Is polygamy an emotionally harmful arrangement that should be outlawed, or can there be situations in which polygamy is beneficial to the women? What if both polygamy and polyandry are allowed, does that make any difference? Or would it just allow for men to exploit women and women to exploit men? And, what of the emotional and social toll of burqas? Is the damage to women enough that we should advocate for the government to step in, paternalistically, and say, we know what is best for you, and so we are going to ban this?

I don't think so, but this is partially because I come from a culture where wearing a burqa is very much a matter of choice, and a choice that is not easy to make, one which requires a good deal of inner strength. It is, largely, free of the prejudicial social millieu that make burqas in places like Afghanistan so objectionable. Would I support a burqa ban in Afghanistan, I might well do so, given the context. In America, I wouldn't, but in Afghanistan it might not be a bad idea.

This long debate raised some other issues for me that we didn't discuss. The primary being how can a feminist support proposals to cut welfare payments to women who insist upon wearing a face veil and therefore cannot get jobs. It is punishing the most vulnerable segment of society -- poor women -- for having the gall to make their own choices. Heck, there are probably some who did not make their own choice, but who have family or spouses who have pressured them into wearing it, which would be a double whammy -- punishing them for something they had no choice about! This seems so antithetical to feminist principles, and yet, staunch feminists were applauding the notion.

Again, I come back to the idea that how one fights oppression matters. If in the struggle to liberate women, you enact laws that are prejudicial against them, how is that liberation? Especially when those laws impact one social class of women (and probably one ethnic background of women) disproportionately. Class, race, gender, they are inextricably linked. And I don't see how feminists can support something that hits one class more than another, especially when it is the poor class -- the women who most need help and support.

Do I think they should abandon their burqas so as to get a job? Heck yes! But the way to encourage that can't be taking away welfare payments if they insist it is their religious obligation to wear it, even if we disagree with them.

Ahmed Aboutaleb, a member of the Dutch Labor Party (PvdA) and a Dutch citizen of Moroccan descent, has proposed legislation that would allow Amsterdam to end welfare payments to women whose wearing a burqa is the reason she can't find a job. "Nobody wants to hire someone with a burqa," Aboutaleb told the Dutch women's magazine Opzij. "In that case, I say: off with the burqa and apply for work. If you don't want to do that, that's fine, but you don't get a benefit payment." He added, in reference to a Muslim woman who refused to shake hands with men at work. "She has to realize that her behavior is building enormous obstacles for her in almost every situation. This woman must recognize that she is sidelining herself and that she runs the risk of being turned down for other jobs, too."

The Utrecht City Council has voted to reduce benefits by 10 percent for unemployed women if (1) they refuse to take off their burqas and (2) that prevents them from finding a job. The council reached this decision after two Muslim women receiving €550 a month in unemployment benefits told announced that they had stopped going to job interviews because their burqas meant they had no success. A spokesman for the Dutch city noted that the problem is more one of principle than economics: "People get benefits when they are out of work but there is also an obligation to do everything to get a job. These women were educated, spoke good Dutch and had opportunities in the labour market." The city also noted that the official Equality Commission backed employers refusing positions to burqa-clad women, as seeing a person's face is essential to many jobs.
Many women all over this world take a lot of pleasure and gratification in wearing a burka. I can't stand the ego centric views of feminsits. Who are you to define what a middle ground is? That can only be defined by each woman. You should know full well that Islam in America is completely different than Islam in the Middle East and Asia. Excuse me but feminists are the first women to leave thier children with orphan care while they go off to pursue thier 'goals'. It's just disgusting.
Firstly, I'd like to just comment on the previous response - Anonymous who says that feminists leave their children to go off etc; nowadays that is quite common because a lot of women have to earn to support their homes and their families.

Is the issue what women wear or don't wear? I believe that it is the commodification of the female body that is the problem and covering up doesn't change the problem.

I grew up in Catholic Ireland, and anything below the collar-bone or above mid-calf, or above mid-arm was considered immodest and slutty.

Women wherever we are are portrayed in magazines, television, and newspapers are not how women generally are or dress, they are as those organisations want to portray them.

As someone who has had a very strict religious upbringing, I believe that in Europe, for example, the problem is not how muslim women dress. It is our perception of what that form of dress means. Those muslim women that I know and meet dress in many different ways from the traditional to I wouldn't be able to tell who are what they are if I pass them in the street.

"Perceived difference" is always a problem for the both the minority group and the majority group. As an Irish woman living in London through the 1970's, I experienced what many of my muslim friends are experiencing now. The fear of the majority, because one's presence is perceived as a threat. But I hope that as many of us are learning, and should have learnt from past experience, the actions of a few, are not the intentions of all. And sooner or later when all the press attention and moral panic headlines die down, that underneath the clothes we are all humans.
Anonymous says,

>Who are you to define what a middle ground is?

Who am I not to? God gave us each a brain and a sense of right and wrong so that we may exercise it. If we don't, each one of us, think through issues and come to some conclusions, then we have belied this magnificent gift. If no one is entitled to an opinion, then neither are you. Not my choice at all, rather a plethora of opinions and a breadth of discussion so that we might come to some common grounds or at least greater wisdom.

>That can only be defined by each woman.

That was one of the major points I was trying to get across -- that people, women in particular, need to be free to do as they see fit, and to believe as they honestly believe, even if it is something that other people find discomfitting. I refer you to this sentence: "Self-determination is such a central platform of feminism, I don't see how a feminist can say, you should be in control of your own life, unless, of course, you want to make certain choices."

At the same time, I am profoundly uncomfortable when women make choices that I perceive as counter to their own interests. It feels contradictory to feminism to champion a woman's right to make a choice which is, as I understand it, prejudicial against women in general and themselves in particualr. I argue against women wearing make up and dressing like popstars because I believe that is bad for women, so too I argue against women wearing clothing that declares I am too tempting to be visible; and, as ainelivia points out -- it's not the clothings in and of themselves that's the issue, but the sexualization and essentialization of women as beings designed for sex and/or procreation.

This internal conflict within feminist thought between the values of championing women's rights and championing women's self-determination requires at times for one value to be compromised in favor of the other value. How, when, where, and why we choose one over the other is something worth thinking about and worth discussing. How the two intersect -- that is, how women's self-determination is part and parcel of women's rights -- complicates the matter even further. It is a dilemna with no easy answers. Obviously, different women will come down at different points. It disturbed me that some people enthusiastically welcomed a law that would be detrimental to poor women simply because of their self-determination. As a progressive, the notion of laws that disporpotionately affect and disadvantage the poor is an anathema to me, and as a feminist laws which impinge upon women making personal and religious choices is also an anathema. But that doesn't mean I don't still have issues with women choosing to wear certain clothing (on either end of the spectrum), and the feeling that supporting their self-determination is somehow betraying feminist principle.

>feminists are the first women to leave thier children with orphan care while they go off to pursue thier 'goals'

What, their goals are not legitimate? Now who is abrogating to herself/himself the right to determine what goals women can and cannot pursue? If I can't decide what I believe is the middle ground, because that is each women's individual decision, then how can you decide for all women what are legitimate goals or not?

Not to mention that comparing daycare to orphan care is simply letting your bias hang out plain for all to see. Parents whose children are in daycare during the day love them, cherish them, and play a huge role in their lives. To call daycare orphan care is simply wrong.

Furthermore, as ainelivia said, many, many women work because they have to. Many others work because they want to, and, guess what, that's OK. Islamically, you are not required to stay at home and raise your children yourself. Prophet Muhammad sent his own son, Ibrahim, to be fostered with with a blacksmith's family. (See Sahih Muslim, book 30, Hadiths 5733 and 5734) If Prohet Muhammad (saws) did it, how dare you deny the same right to modern women?? And we're not even talking having your child go live with another family, but to be taken care of during the day by caregivers.

(and, in case you are thinking my passionate defense of women who choose or have to work stems from self-interest, let it be said that I stayed at home for the past sixteen years with my children, writing freelance from home at night or while they are in school.)


>I believe that in Europe, for example, the problem is not how muslim women dress. It is our perception of what that form of dress means

I agree, part of the problem is that European or American perceptions of hijab, and even more so the burqa and/or face veil, are distorted, especially as they are practiced in the West. But I do think there is a fundamental issue with burqas/face veils themselves, especially in societies where there is great pressure to wear it or laws that mandate it -- they are a symptom of social and/or religious attitudes that see women as domestic -- created foremost for continuing the species, raising the children and satisfying men's sexual needs.

They are like the spotted owl, an indicator of deeper problems. Even more, they contribute to the problem by reinforcing and legitimizing those ideas about women. If those underlying attitudes were to change, then I would have a lot less issue with women wearing face veils, but I think the chance of those attitudes changing is dimished by the wearing of burqas/face veils.

>underneath the clothes we are all humans

Hello Pamela, Not sure about this, but I'll take the chance. A Burqua is a an all enveloping garment with a lattice work around the head area through which one can see; and the hijab is the veil?

yes I have to admit that I do have a problem with seeing a woman in a burqua. in woolworth's once someone behind me said "excuse me" wanting to get past and when I turned all I could see was a black garment and a slit where were the woman's eyes. I gasped, because where I come from anyone so covered up, is covered up because they don't want to be recognised and are about to do something probably illegal - again that is my perception.

I also notice that in my husbands country - Malaysia - women have gone from modest dressing to being entirely lost from view, and I do find that worrying.

But on the other hand, I like the local dress in Malaysia, the baju kurong and have a few, which are cooler than tight clothes and don't leave me feeling vulnerable, because as a white woman and a foreigner I would be stared at anyway.

However, on my last visit, my niece informed me that one of the Malaysian states was about to bring in Sharia law for all it's citizens, not just Muslims, and would require all women to wear the veil. That's worrying.
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